Mistletoe sacred plant of the druids: is it a myth?

Author : Philippe Lanoë / July 2023

Mistletoe is associated with druids in collective memory, as is demonstrated by the many engravings representing scenes of people picking the plant.

The ritual described by Pliny, (Histoire Naturelle, XVI, 249-251), despite a lack of in-depth knowledge on the working of druidism, was presented like a fundamental moment of druidic activity but was later called into question by modern critics.

It seems however, that mistletoe had a significant symbolic role. Evidence of this is found on the statue of the prince of Glauberg, found on a princely tomb in Germany. It depicts a man with protuberances on either side of his head, evocative of mistletoe leaves.


Author : Philippe Lanoë, « Mistletoe sacred plant of the druids: is it a myth? », Bécédia [en ligne], ISSN 2968-2576, mis en ligne le 24/07/2023.

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